Web design is important not only to grab the attention of any visitors and potential customers, but also to help boost lead generation and, ultimately, improve your online conversion rate. Below, we take a look at a few ways in which the right web design can assist in achieving this goal.

The Right Placement 

In web design, it is best practice to make sure that your company’s contact details are clearly visible on each and every page of your website. This is to make it easier for potential customers to get hold of you whenever they may decide to do so. If they have to search long and hard for these details, you run the risk of them bouncing from your website and going with one of your competitors instead.

Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

With social media marketing at the forefront of digital marketing and lead generation, it makes sense to make it as simple as possible for visitors to your website to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Having these buttons on your home page isn’t enough. For best results, you’ll want to place them at the top right hand corner of every web page on your sitemap.


Nothing gives your brand more credibility quite like positive testimonials. Keep them short and sweet and try to include a photograph if possible – this helps to make them look more authentic.

Use Video Content

While written content and eye-catching images are all necessary to help your website stand out, video content is also quickly becoming a must. You can upload videos of you performing product demonstrations, talking about the benefits of your products or even of your most recent advertisements. The more video content, the better!

Use CTAs

What do you want the website visitor to do when he or she clicks on your ‘about us’ page? Or when he or she navigates to your product page? Use creative, straight to the point CTAs to convince them to perform these actions.

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