A landing page is a standalone web page that serves one purpose – convincing customers to act (to buy, sign up, or download). So now you created a great landing page, but you see that there are no conversions at all.

Are you wondering why your landing page is not giving you want conversions? There are many factors that influence the efficiency of your landing page. Here are 5 lessons that we have learned throughout the years of creating successful landing pages.

6 Lessons Learned from a Successful Landing Page Optimization

1. Simplicity is a key to success

When your page is cluttered, it usually results in a very distracted, confused, and overwhelmed visitor. That’s why having more white space, less text, more images, and videos are key elements in a successful landing page, as the customer will easily see the product or service he or she was looking for. Keeping your landing page simple with only one offer will make it much more effective, rather than several offers. The purpose of a landing page is to serve one purpose, not many. When your landing page has one offer, it is easier for clients to see the key information and the needed call to action.

2. Videos and photos on your landing page improve conversions


Multimedia will help to increase engagement on your page. It is proved that customers are more likely to watch the short video that explains the main idea, rather than read a long text. So, you should keep that in mind. Videos and images also increase trust, which is needed for more conversions. Moreover, videos can be used as a drive for customers towards the wanted action. And there is also a saying: “A picture tells 1,000 words”, which is almost right. The good images that visualize the needed information will boost your conversions. Also if the image conveys certain feelings in your customer, for example how your customer will feel after getting your product or service, it will ultimately increase your conversions.

3. Value of what is offered on your landing page should be articulated clearly

You need to provide a call-to-action button for the highly motivated visitors while using most of the real estate at the top of

the page to continue supporting the value proposition. You need to check if the call to action text matches with what the clients were looking for. Also, check the headlines and if they are providing enough information. You need to meet your customer’s expectations. Also, by articulating the value clearly, your customer will more likely to proceed to action. Try to explain everything in a very simple language that is easy to understand. Moreover, you need to remember that your call to action needs to be compelling, so that your customers will want to give their contact info, but also this call to action needs to be relevant to your business, of course.
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4. Shared customer testimonials will help to build trust

Using feedback from your customer will improve the customer confidence and trust in the services or products offered on your landing page. It is proved that testimonials are great from increasing conversion rates, as people tend to rely on decisions of others when they are making their own decisions. Also, adding customer logos will help to make your page more reliable.

5. When asking for the client’s information, only ask for information that is really needed

In order to make more people fill in the needed information, make sure you only mention the information that you will use in the future. Making forms simple and quick to fill in will help to improve conversions. Also, clients are more driven to give their information, if you give them value in exchange. When we ask a customer to take action, the abandonment rate will definitely rise. And this leads to the statement: “The more we ask for, the higher is the rate at which visitors will leave our page”. Asking for less information will create a low barrier to entry. So less is more, just ask for the useful information.

6. Optimizing the search will drive more visitors to your landing page

There are many different ways to drive your clients to your landing page: through email campaigns, social media, and other digital marketing campaigns. But it is also good to optimize your page with target keywords for other paid campaigns and organic search. Don’t underestimate organic search, it can also be very effective and drive to more conversions than you think.
When following all of the tips mentioned above, your landing page will be more effective and will result in more conversions. A landing page has to be simple, serving one purpose and having the value for your potential clients. Also, make sure you give your clients

About the author:

Tali Hasanov is a results-driven digital marketer with a track record of growing her clients’ businesses and driving revenue. Her 15 years of varied and in-depth experience has helped to make her an industry leader. And in a rapidly evolving field, she’s been able to stay several steps ahead of the mainstream trends, a significant advantage that pays huge dividends for the small–to–medium size businesses that she serves.

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