Enhance Your Search Ranking and Visibility

Business owners aren’t always equipped to create and maintain their websites. Digital marketing is a job unto itself and requires a certain level of technological knowledge that isn’t commonplace. A website cannot be effective if it can’t be easily searched and visited by your target audience.

Accessibility Means an Increase in Engagement

Search ranking refers to the place that your particular website holds on the list of generated search engine results. Most companies want their websites to be on the first page of results when related keywords or concepts are searched for on Google.  This search visibility lets users know that your content is both relevant and valuable. The higher a website ranks, the more visible it becomes, and the more user engagement it will generate. It sounds simple but requires a carefully measured digital marketing angle.

Improving Your Search Ranking One Step at a Time

Different websites will have different demands when increasing visibility and establishing their place on the search results pages. These tactics are fairly universal:

  • Meta Data and Title Tags: Your title tag is the very first thing that ties your website to a searchable term. Always place your keywords before your company name—this puts well-known terms out front and has a huge impact on search ranking. Metadata also needs to feature a keyword dense summary of valuable content. Don’t neglect your HTML placement, as it’s valued differently across popular search engines.
  • Headers: The first HTML header tag should always contain keywords—usually at a rate of one per page—and the second should build upon that concept. This will hint at the information contained within the body of the content.
  • Optimize Your Content: It does no good to enhance your search ranking if your bounce rate is high. Valuable content will keep users on your page and generate repeat visitors. Make updating and creating new content a top priority in your content marketing task list. Written content should be between 400-800 words long with a keyword density of between 3-5%.
  • Anchor Text with Links: The anchor text should embody the overall goal of the content. This text can link back to a related section of the web page and builds a following around specific terms. The content should also link to reputable sources of information. One-way links are okay, but two-way links that connect the website to another and vice versa are much better. Just ally your content with credible sources and you can generate more inbound interest and overall visibility.

This process requires an evaluation of content with a fine-toothed comb and can be made easier by involving a digital marketing professional.

Contact WSI Digital Path for more information on how to improve your search ranking and visibility. We understand optimization and our team can help your business take advantage of the latest and best digital marketing trends.