Mobile Ads Can Do So MUCH More than Sell!

Each business owner has their own very specific set of goals, and these usually involve profiting from their goods or services. The key to achieving this is through effective and visible marketing strategies. Mobile marketing has changed the way that ads are viewed, making it possible to reach your target audience anywhere at any time.

There’s a lot of pressure on business owners to create mobile ads that generate clicks that convert into sales. This is where many entrepreneurs miss the mark. The strategy for designing ads usually involves a CTA asking the consumer to do something—instead of offering a solution.

Mobile ads are like an endless first impression. If someone isn’t immediately intrigued, entertained, or attracted, then they will just keep on scrolling. The next time the same ad comes up, there’s a good chance that they will overlook it altogether. Ads are not meant to contain an entire pitch; instead, they should be like a window into the value offered on your mobile site.

Change Your Approach to Mobile Marketing

Selling anything is a process. Expecting a consumer to make an instant decision based on one ad is unrealistic. Imagine walking into a mall and having each shop owner come out, say twenty words about their product, and then expect you to commit right then and there. Most of us would walk away empty handed and a little annoyed. That’s what bombarding your audience with sales ads feels like for many. Mobile ads need to be an integral part of your marketing campaign, not the entire pitch. Improving your ads is simple when you do the following:

  • Create ad content that’s solution oriented. The language should be conversational and start a dialogue with the consumer.
  • Avoid trying to make a sale with your mobile ad. It’s about establishing trust and generating interest in your mobile site. Talk about your accomplishments, develop credibility, and offer help—free downloads and webinars are great for this.
  • Purchase ad space that blends in with the rest of the page. This makes your ad less tacky and more professionally accessible.
  • Don’t neglect your analytics! Watch how people are responding to your mobile ads and use this to define and target the interested demographic.
  • Avoid social media ads that focus only on your business page. Instead, use an article or links to content that will appeal to your target audience.
  • Create mobile ads that tie directly into valuable content on your mobile site. Experts recommend using videos to reach more people, and then looking at the viewer analytics to create more effective ads.

The digital marketplace has grown increasingly competitive. The experts at WSI Digital Path can keep you ahead of the game. Contact us for more information on ways to improve your mobile marketing strategy today!