Because the world of digital marketing trends evolves rapidly. Predicting its’ future seems nearly impossible. Brands that adapt to changing trends are more likely to stay ahead of the competition, whilst those that reject new digital opportunities risk staying far behind.

To help your brand to prevent this, we would like to share some of the digital marketing trends we predict will shape marketing in 2022:

#1: Short video content will become increasingly popular

With platforms like TikTok’s rise to prominence and profitability, it’s evident that viewers, particularly younger ones, like to consume bite-sized content. As a result, we estimate that in 2022, a larger portion of the video marketing budget will be allocated to short-form videos.

#2: Content will continue to be a king

 Although it may be difficult to quantify, we predict that the value of content will be as strong as ever in 2022. It constantly appears like the emphasis on content will fade, as if some new and flashy strategy would emerge to take its place. However, the truth is that content is important. All of the various ideas and methods that emerge are simply variations on the same old content (TikTok and short video content, for example).

The desire for easily consumable content continues to rise. In a world more digitized as a result of the pandemic’s protracted duration and the rise of the metaverse, the content will continue to reign supreme for marketers and businesses in 2022.

#3: The “Metaverse” concept will become a mainstream

When it comes to the metaverse…

You can poke fun at Facebook’s new name, “Meta”, but it’s undeniably a sign of things to come. The notion of a metaverse, which is effectively a digital universe, debuted in 2021 (due in part to the proliferation of NFTs) and will soon find its way into the commercial sector.

The early adopters of new technology are usually the largest winners, and we believe that will be true of businesses and brands who figure out how to use the metaverse idea in 2022.

#4: Experiences might again play an important role in marketing strategy

 We’re going out on a limb here because everything hinges on how the worldwide pandemic unfolds in 2022, but we’ll take the positive approach. In 2022, we believe the world is a better and more open place, and experiential marketing may make a significant comeback in that scenario.

It’s impossible to dispute that immersing oneself in a product, service, or brand before purchasing it is entertaining. And, from a marketing standpoint, it’s clear to understand how providing a memorable experience for potential consumers aids a brand’s cause when it comes to that potential customer’s purchasing decision.

Experiential marketing will return with a bang if the pandemic permits it.

#5: Big bang of live social media content

 In 2021, being “live” on social media became a thing, and we predict it will continue to gain traction in corporate marketing efforts in the future year. Twitter Spaces (audio chatrooms on Twitter) have acquired a lot of traction in niche sectors, but in 2022, these sorts of impromptu chats should become more common for businesses.

Consider this scenario: Google introduces a new algorithm update that negatively affects the rankings of a huge number of websites. If you’re an SEO expert and promptly create a Twitter Space to debate the changes with anybody who wants to listen to you talk, you and/or your company’s brand might gain a lot of authority. In 2022, we’ll see this happen more regularly and on a larger scale.

So, where do you go from here?

The world of marketing is constantly changing. The greatest way to stay competitive, expand, and ensure consumer loyalty is to stay on top of current digital marketing trends. We hope our predictions will help you to outperform the competition. Wish you the best of luck!


About the author:

Tali is a results-driven digital marketer with a track record of growing her clients’ businesses and driving revenue.

As the business owner at WSI Digital Path, Vaughan, she takes great pride in delivering powerful but cost-effective solutions for her clients.

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