So many business owners think that content marketing is as simple as creating and publishing new, interesting content on a regular basis. While this is important, of course, there is another aspect of content marketing that many unknowingly omit from their digital marketing strategies: content audits. Why are content audits essential? We explain in detail below:

It Helps You to Understand Your Already-Existing Content Better 

Conducting a content audit means that you will be able to pick up on things like:

  • Which are your best performing pieces, and
  • Which pieces didn’t quite generate the amount of hype that you originally expected.

This will enable you to create improved content in the future. It will also make it easier for you to identify problems in your content, such as broken links or images that are slowing down page loading times, and, ultimately, affecting user experience.


It Makes It Possible for You to Re-Purpose Content

Have you found a particularly well-performing blog post? Why not turn the gist of it into an infographic? Perhaps there was a well-liked piece of video content? Why not transform it into an e-book? When conducting a content audit, you will have the opportunity to really make the most of your already-existing content without having to put too much extra effort into creating everything from scratch.

It Allows You to Identify Content Gaps 

Your content is what is going to set you apart as an industry thought-leader and trusted resource. If there are areas within your industry that you have yet to discuss, a content audit is likely to help you to identify these gaps and fill them with any future content that you produce.

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