It is known that video is the best way to create connections between businesses and customers. Video marketing is not a new sales tool, as already 63% of businesses have started using videos in their content marketing. Video is one of the most profitable marketing tools available right now. So here are the main reasons why you should consider including videos in your marketing campaigns.

Video helps to boost conversions and sales

There is a report that was published by Forrester that showed that including video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate. The good thing about the video is that it can lead the customer to sales. Another study has shown that 74% of users that watched an explanatory video about a product actually bought it afterward. It is also a well-known fact that most information transmitted to our brain is visual, so including many images to your campaign can already boost engagement, but when including a video, it can drive to incredible results. Also, 57% of consumers shared that watching videos gave them more confidence to purchase a product online.

Video is the best way to build trust among your clients

You should never underestimate trust. Conversions and sales are built on trust and belief that the product will improve the client’s life. Videos are the best way to build trust, as it can ignite emotions in your customers. Creating visual, aural, and emotional connections with your audience will help you to encourage loyalty and better communication with your clients. As we have known, most of the purchases that people make are going not from rationality, but from emotions that the product ignited in people. Moreover, some people are still a bit skeptical about buying things online, as they are afraid of scammers or fraud, so including videos will help you to build that confidence in customers and they will buy your products.

Video is getting more shares from people

One survey held by Usurv showed that consumers are more likely to share (39%), ‘like’(56%), and comment (36%) online video than for example an article. Moreover, people told that they are more engaged with the video rather than with articles. Videos are not only getting more shares from people but also search engines like Google are more likely to show your website first if you have a video on your website. 76% of the users say that they would share a branded video with their friends or family if it was funny or entertaining. From this, we understand that the key to the successful marketing campaign is creating an entertaining branded video. Also, when we talked about trust among consumers, we mentioned that emotions that you ignited with your video play a key role. And here too – emotions are the one that people want to share, but not plain facts. So, make sure your video makes people feel something.

The video encourages more action

Video is used in marketing strategy to drive the audience towards the wanted action. It can be buying a product, subscribing to your newsletter, taking a survey, or filling out a form. The statistics show that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Moreover, the research has shown that consumers are 27.4 times more likely to click-through online video ads rather than just a photo ad. It is also good to know that including video in your email marketing campaign will make that campaign even more effective. And videos give more certainty that your campaign will work and be successful because what we see from the different studies and research is amazing.

That is why you should consider taking your marketing campaigns to the new level and add engaging videos that will lead your business to the bigger successes!

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