Aiming to improve your company website’s SEO rankings? If so, you will definitely want to consider conducting an SEO competitive analysis. In order to make sure that you do a thorough job and look at all the most essential areas, we have compiled a simple checklist for you to follow:

Choose the Right Competitors 

It is always a good idea to choose your top 6 competitors according to those with whom you are competing for the top spot in Google search results, as this will give you a much better idea of how you need to start changing your search engine optimization strategy. Be sure to do your research here and not just pull a few random competitors out from off the top of your head.

Conduct Keyword Research

Select a few keywords or key phrases for which you would like to rank – the more specific they are, the better your chances of ranking higher, faster. From here, you will need to go to Google and find out which of your competitors are ranking above you and then visit their website to discover why. Look at things like:

  • Content marketing (what type of content are they posting and how regularly?), and
  • Metadata (how is it structured differently to yours?).

Investigate Social Media

Social media, and how well you manage your community of followers, has a massive impact on your website’s SEO. So, it makes sense to take a look at the way in which your competitors are approaching this crucial aspect – and how their approach compares to yours. Look at and compare aspects such as:

  • How often do they reply to comments on their posts?
  • How regularly are they posting?
  • What are the topics that they are posting about?
  • Which of these topics have managed to generate the most engagement?

Additional Tip: Be certain to add social sharing and follow buttons on your website, and make sure that they are clearly visible on ALL of your web pages – not just on your home page.

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