Email marketing can be extremely effective for businesses as 94% of the internet users are getting online just to use their email. While it can be really effective, at the same time there are some small, but important things that make email marketing not work for your business. You need to make sure you have a certain strategy to follow and you avoid small mistakes that are not letting your email campaigns to succeed.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to interact with your customers, attract and retain them. Have you noticed that your emails are not getting clicked on and the drop in conversion is quite noticeable? That’s a sign that something is not working in your email marketing strategy. There are some little things most marketers do wrong that make their email conversions suffer decline in reader interaction. Here are 5 most common reasons why your email conversions are low:

1. Call-to-Action is not strong enough or even missing

Every email you’ve sent to your customer should have a certain purpose. If you can’t find purpose in your email, maybe you should consider not sending it. In order to have a strong call-to-action, you should firstly define it for yourself. What do you want your subscriber do? Do you want to share you recent products upgrade in your store? Do you want to share some new sales that are going on in your store? Maybe you just want to share some insights and thoughts? You need to ask yourself these questions in order to define the purpose of the email you’re sending to people.

You should also remember that call to action statements need to be short and straight to the point. These statements should be clear and easy to understand, so your readers know exactly what you are asking them to do. Also, effective way to check if your email has a strong call to action is to read it to yourself and think if you were a subscriber, would you identify the purpose of the emails? Are the call to action statements clear and easy to find? That will definitely help you to see what you can improve in your email.

2. Spamming with emails

Nobody likes to get many emails in a row, as in subscribers’ eyes it is automatically a spam. Many marketers make this mistake, as they follow that philosophy “the more, the better”, but unfortunately, this is not working for successful email marketing. This will only lead to unsubscribes and disappointed readers. That’s why you need to see when is it better for you to send an email and how do you want it to be structured, so you can get the most conversions out of it. You can send one email once a week or a month. It depends on what is your purpose behind the email.

The best way to see what option works best for you is to try them all and monitor which emails lead to the most conversions or opened emails.

3. Content is not relatable to your readers

You need to define what is the most relevant content for your readers. Having a content strategy in your email marketing is extremely important. It will help you to define the target audience and create an effective targeting campaign. Your content has to resonate with your readers and make connections with them. This will help to drive your reader right to the call to action statements and improve the email conversions. Sticking to email marketing strategy and making sure the content in your email is relative to what your subscribers are looking for will help to improve the effectiveness of your emails and boost email conversion.

4. Emails are similar to others

Email marketing has become very popular among businesses, so in order to stand out you need to make sure your email is not too generic. It is one of the main reasons your email conversions are not high, because people think that your email is just like other emails they get, so they don’t click or read your email. It is very important to find your own style and how you want to deliver your content and call to action with your email. You need to define the structure and the design of the email you want people to get, so they know that this email is worth clicking on it. Develop your own style and structure, which will work the best for your subscribers and it will definitely improve your email conversions.

5. Subject lines are too long

Sometime we underestimate the importance of the subject lines in our emails. They should be short and catchy, so our readers will be interested in opening our email. Try to put the main purpose of your email in the subject line. And before sending that email, ask yourself: Why should people open an email? Is the subject line appealing and makes you want to open an email? Why is your email unique and how is it shown with your subject line? Does your subject line offer value for your subscribers? By answering these question, you will see if the subject line does its work or no. You also need to remember that subject lines should be no more than 50 characters long, so that they don’t get cut out when the person sees it on their email.

In conclusion, the best thing you can do to improve your email conversions is to analyze them and check if your emails give value to your subscribers. A good analysis will give you a better picture of your email strategy and you will see what you need to improve or change. Define the key elements that are the most effective in your email marketing and change or eliminate those that only make your email conversions low.

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