All You Need to Know to Increase Your Business Social Media Engagement

Nowadays social media presence of brand plays a huge role in getting exposure for the business, many business owners are still struggling with maximizing social platforms for awareness and promotion of the products or services. Social media can work in favor of your business as well as against it. That’s why it is important to understand what works best for each platform and which brand image you want to show your audience and potential clients.

The question is: How to increase your business social media engagement? Here are 5 key things you need to implement in your social media strategy in order to engage more with your audience via social media.

Work on creating practical, sharable content

You need to remember why your target audience uses social media. There are three common reasons: to connect with friends, to be entertained, and to be informed and inspired. To make people share your content with others, you need to make sure your content is informative and interesting. You should include something that can drive to further conversation with your audience. Also, you need to remember that your content should be easy to understand, grammatically correct, and visually pleasing. to reach even more people, you should include appropriate hashtags and CTAs in your posts.

Make sure you have a healthy mix of content on social media

Your content should not be ordinary and boring. You need to make sure you post short videos, poll posts, giveaways, thought-provoking images, etc. The best option is to identify your brand’s voice, how you want to portray your brand on social media, and which unique style you want to have in order to stand out from other businesses. It is very important to shape your brand image on social media because it helps to shape your brand reputation and trust among future clients. Make sure you avoid certain common mistakes on social media, which can influence the success of your business in a negative way.

Try to actively engage with your audience

Only posting content on social media is definitely not enough for achieving bigger goals. You need to make sure you are engaging in conversations with your audience, you answer frequently asked questions, suggest more useful information, which will help your audience find what they are looking for. Moreover, you need to monitor your posts and seek other ways to bring more value to the conversation with your audience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new followers, influencers, and colleagues. This will definitely help you grow on the platforms.

Another great way to connect with your followers is to go live and update your audience on new products, latest news, and other newsworthy announcements. By using live videos you are creating a sense of community, which will bring you better results and higher engagement rates.

Politely ask your audience for reviews and feedback

When you receive positive feedback on Facebook or Google it helps to raise excitement around your business. Also, reviews play a huge role in your brand reputation and building trust among your clients. Moreover, research shows that 92% of people read reviews online. You can ask questions about personal experiences the customers have with the services or products you offer. This can help you not only start a conversation with your audience but also collect important feedback, which can help you improve.

Post frequently and create a strategic posting schedule

To create a strategic posting schedule you need to analyze when your target audience is engaged online the most. Experimenting and testing different post times will help you to find the best time periods to share your content. All your social media channels should be active, as it is vital to show your audience that you’re keeping up with all trends and news. Your followers are interested in your brand, they want to know what’s happening with your business at the moment. Make sure you update your audience on important topics relevant to your business.

You need to remember that frequent posting will help you attract more people, but if you don’t post regularly you lose your followers. Your old posts get lost in social media and the chance that your target audience finds old posts is very low.

Your business should be active online. You need to make sure you are using all of the needed tools in order to achieve better results for your business. To be successful on social media takes time and consistency, but the reward of the work will be much bigger than you expect. With these 5 tips to social media engagement, you should now better understand ways that will help you engage more with your audience and get the users of social media buzzing about your brand.

You should also understand that by only promoting your brand through social media you will not get the sales you want. That’s why it is important to implement these 5 tips for increasing your social media engagement to achieve business growth.

About the author:

Tali is a results-driven digital marketer with a track record of growing her clients’ businesses and driving revenue. Her 15 years of varied and in-depth experience has helped to make her an industry leader. And in a rapidly evolving field, she’s been able to stay several steps ahead of the mainstream trends, a significant advantage that pays huge dividends for the small–to–medium size businesses that she serves.

As the business owner at WSI Digital Path, Vaughan, she takes great pride in delivering powerful but cost-effective solutions for her clients.