Content Strategy – The Backbone of Your SEO Plan

Coming up with a content strategy requires more than keyword research and a spreadsheet with a publishing schedule. This is a complex study in the behavior of SEO and the way that it correlates with search rankings. It’s this reason that motivates many companies to seek help from outside experts. WSI Digital Path has access to the professional resources and SEO experts you need for content marketing and the development of a full-service SEO plan.

Content strategy refers to the preparation of your webpages, the topics chosen, the jargon used (or not used), and the way that the concepts are organized on the page. How many people can honestly say that they want to open up their browser and read something that resembles a high school report? If you do, then you’re among the minority!

The Long-Term Implications of Content Strategy

When a company develops their SEO plan, it’s based around their primary objectives. These objectives are constantly being re-evaluated as the company grows, changes, and refocuses its attention on different markets. The content strategy lays out the parameters for the content that will need to be created in order to successfully reach these objectives.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to increase interest, build a brand, attract an audience, and create lasting relationships with potential customers. The digital era has created a global marketplace that anyone can access with the click of a button—what are you offering that no one else is?

The key to your content strategy is going to be the unique ability to build upon an original concept, and then expand that into other areas. A good idea can become a great landing page or blog entry—and this can set the tone for future content. Look at marketing campaigns that have been able to evolve a basic concept in new and innovative ways. Fast Food restaurants that allow instant online ordering, soft drinks that allow you to collect codes for merchandise, and even photo contests for clothing lines.

There’s power behind the words that you put on your web page, and a good slogan can put an entire brand on the map. Valuable content is what ultimately drives your SEO potential.

Creating a Website that Draws a Crowd

Populating your website with valuable and quality content isn’t a one-time deal. This is an involved process that needs to monitor results and make changes accordingly. When a company doesn’t have a separate department dedicated to their content strategy, it’s easy to fall behind. This diverts valuable web traffic to potential competitors and damages your SEO capabilities. The best way to keep up with the attention span of your target market is to enlist the help of professionals.

Contact WSI Digital Path for a content strategy that can help establish your brand and get your company the attention that it deserves. You believe in your product, and the rest of the world deserves to see what you do!