The minimalist aesthetic has grown in popularity over a couple of years. Besides being “neat” and “clean” minimalist website design is also “smart” and “engaging”.

This kind of design removes unnecessary design elements which bother or don’t bring value to the visitors and contradict the business’ goals.

Keep reading as we reveal the pros and cons you need to know before deciding to move forward with a minimalist website design for your company. 


Minimalist Website Design Pros


1. Easy to Remember

Into the noise of cluttered websites, your design will stand out with help of its’ clear and concise message which will make it easy for visitors to recall.

2. Intuitive Navigation

You have less than 7 seconds to capture visitors’ attention on your website. The attention span is very low those days, this is why a minimalist website design is a great solution. It respects visitors’ behavior and makes it easy for them to navigate the site and find what they are looking for.

3. SEO-friendly

Minimalist Website Navigation

Firstly, a minimalist website design is easy to interpret for smart web crawlers. Crawling a well-structured and clean website is much easier.

Secondly, your website will load faster. Slow load times are already known to increase bounce rates, which leads to fewer customers. Also, as a part of their ranking algorithms, google and other search engines take into the account website’s loading speed. This means that a slow website can actually hurt your rankings. 

4. Less Tech Issues

There will be less trouble with plugins, updates, and other aspects that break if the website isn’t overly complicated.

5. Stylish Look

Your website doesn’t have to look like a peacock if that’s what your competitors do. On the contrary, a minimalist website design will make you stand out because it looks aesthetically clean, easy to navigate, and professional.


Minimalist Website Design Cons


1. Not for Everyone

Although minimalist designs are a superb way to attract visitors and express the business message in a clear and simple way, they are not appropriate for all types of businesses. For instance, it could be difficult to persuade a visitor of your value if your website is a blank piece of paper with few words despite the fact that your business is associated with the creativity you would like to showcase.

Minimalist Website Design Taken Too Far

2. Concept Taken Too Far

If you push this idea too far, your website will come off as incomplete. Your website can appear amateurish and drab rather than neat and well-organized.

3. Insufficient Communication

It can be challenging to represent complicated products and/or services with few words and graphics. It’s absolutely acceptable to choose a different website design strategy if your website has a large amount of content and requires more interaction.

Should You Give It a Try?

Choosing a minimalist website design does not mean you have to remove content or make your website look plain and boring. A distinctive web design aesthetic is a wonderful approach to increasing user engagement and distinguishing your website from competitors. 

While minimalist website design doesn’t work for every business, minimalistic design solutions can improve some aspects of those websites. Certainly, it is feasible to design a website that eliminates the superfluous and facilitates user navigation without going fully minimalist.

Final thoughts

It can be more challenging to develop a minimalist design than putting a bunch of everything on your website. That’s why you have to work with specialists who understand that more than just visual appeal is at play on minimalist websites. The process of minimalist design involves using as little as possible while still being as clear as feasible.


About the author:

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As the business owner at WSI Digital Path, Vaughan, she takes great pride in delivering powerful but cost-effective solutions for her clients.

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