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Bruce Harrot: Welcome to small business connections with Bruce Harrot and Peter Kelly this morning, and we have a special guest, her name is Tali Hasanov. And Tali is going to be talking to us about her business. So welcome to the program Tali.

Tali Hasanov: Good morning, Bruce and Peter, thank you for the invitation.

Tali Hasanov: So just a couple of words about what I do and about myself. I run a digital marketing agency up in Vaughan and I help businesses generate more leads and sales online leveraging internet and digital marketing, as well as building a brand and reputation online which is extremely important, especially now. Everyone’s searching before meeting someone else or before making any business decisions if you’re online and want to, your reputation, reviews, etc.

Bruce Harrot: So tell me if you had to boil it all down to the two biggest benefits that clients get when they work with you. When they start working with you, there’s something they don’t have. And when they finish the project or the intervention or the contract with you, they have something more of, what would you say they get when they work with you?

Tali Hasanov: First of all, they’ll obviously get online presence and they have a steady flow of leads. This is what every business is concerned and worried about how to generate a steady flow of leads. So, it really depends on the business industry, category and tactics we will use, but it’s really about leveraging different creative ideas and strategies to generate leads.

Bruce Harrot: Okay, well, that’s a great benefit. And that’s something that certainly everybody in business wants. And a lot of people are promising that right a lot of people, a lot of online ads say we’re the biggest lead gen and the world, what might be a little bit different about what you do.

Tali Hasanov: I don’t promise anything. You can’t guarantee the results until you learn about the business, all the details, conversion rates, etc. We can expect a certain result based on our experience and knowledge, but never a 100% guarantee. Oh, If you do ABCD, we can deliver a hundred leads for months and from a hundred leads you bought 50 or something like that.
The emphasis on business closing, closing ratio, how they close. If we deliver leads, and then they can’t close them, then it’s a different story…

Peter Kelly: Anybody who makes a guarantee online is usually a really big red flag. Right? There’s very few and I mean, the only thing you can guarantee on the internet is somebody’s going to argue with you. Right?

Tali Hasanov: we can provide, case studies of businesses we worked with and how we helped them, what did we do and how they grew as a result, but really not a guarantee you will generate X amount of leads sales and etc.

Bruce Harrot: Yeah, certainly case studies or success stories are a really good tip for people when they’re trying to sell their services. Let’s move on to a tip you might have for anybody out there as well. Watching is obviously interesting and generating more leads. What kind of advice or tips would you suggest to them besides hiring you?

Tali Hasanov: I find it’s really important to have a strategy for your business or online strategy for digital. Nowadays everything is digital, it’s sometimes too much noise I find everywhere in social media and otherwise, everyone is an expert in everything. Sometimes it’s a little bit annoying. But it’s important to understand for your business as a business owner, what are your goals, what you would like to achieve and basically going back right to build the strategy. So if you want to generate a number of leads, not to have a number of sales, how many leads you have to get and what you have to do in order to generate and it’s really important to have a professional presence like a LinkedIn. It’s very big those days, especially for b2b business, it’s important to have a professional presence, professional profile and connect with people to build relationships.

Bruce Harrot: Those are great tips that we can all benefit from. I wanted to move to offer you a platform for some market research, so you get to speak to our entire audience right now. And ask them a question that you would like to know. Something about their situation, maybe a question about what they struggle with or what they’re dealing with out there. Did you have a question you’d like to ask our viewers?

Tali Hasanov: Yeah, sure. I know what everyone struggles with. It’s lead generation. That’s any business, bigger business, smaller business. Basically to connect with the right leads, right? Because what I hear often is people don’t have the right connections. Maybe a business gets the leads, but if those are not the right leads for this particular business then there is a mismatch. And that’s when there is a lot of activity but not a lot of business revenue.

Bruce Harrot: Would it be helpful Tali for us to get some feedback on the question, tell us your online strategy. And then those answers will come back to you and to us and you can start to see where people have a strategy that’s going to work for them. And not that might be useful.

Tali Hasanov: Yeah, I would actually ask three questions. If businesses have a strategy to begin, a generic question. Second, if the businesses have a buyer persona and know who their ideal customer is. The 3rd I would ask if they have a LinkedIn professional profile and strategy to generate more connections and leads online.

Peter Kelly: I’m particularly interested in how people are using LinkedIn because that is really changed a lot in two or three years. So yeah, I’m very curious to see what people’s LinkedIn strategies are.

Bruce Harrot: I think it’d be interesting to hear their actual strategies because we all could learn from that. Maybe we share those next time. Thank you so much for being part of our program. And thank you for your tips and some leadership there in the area of online marketing. Well, that was a great interview with Tali Hasanov all about online, digital marketing and very interesting. What did you take away from that, Peter?

Peter Kelly: I think the biggest thing was a lot of companies just kind of pointed out, they’re online, but they don’t necessarily have a strategy. Being online is not a strategy for itself.

Bruce Harrot: If you’re got a problem with your car, you’re not going to try to fix the electronics yourself because just trying to do that it’s not going to work. You go to a professional and I think, especially in the days where digital marketing so important, I think getting a professional on helping you figure that out is really a wise investment. So that’s it for today. And thank you for joining small business connections again, we hope you’re enjoying these webcasts with our guests.