Did you know that there are more than 1.3 billion active Facebook Messenger users every month? This is one of the main reasons what makes Facebook Messenger Ads another great tool for marketing.

But which are the other opportunities that Facebook Messenger can offer to businesses? Here are 6 reasons why you should enhance your marketing campaign with Facebook Messenger.

1. Facebook Messenger Ads Are Mobile Optimized 

When you are doing Messenger ads you need to make sure that everything that the users will see is mobile-optimized, especially when your ad leads to your landing page or website. But when you are doing Facebook ads, which lead to Messenger you know that the user experience will be 100% mobile optimized. When Facebook users click on the button “Send Message” in your ad, they’re getting redirected right into their Facebook Messenger mobile app or if they’re clicking from their computer – Messenger inbox in a desktop browser. After this, they see your previously designed conversation starter. You’ll never have to worry about malfunctioning because of responsive design failings again, which is one of the biggest advantages of using Facebook Messenger. To have successful interactions with your potential clients you need to make sure they don’t have to answer any questions. There are many chatbot options you can use to make it easier for people to answer in the chat or return to chat later to complete their request. There are even more benefits of using Facebook Messenger ads, such as instant lead capture, automated qualification, and follow-ups, personalized, and relevant.

2. Reach your target audience one-to-one

Now, when Facebook and Instagram are overloaded with Ads, it is really hard to make your ad visible to your target audience. That’s why Messenger Ads are more effective than other options. You get to communicate with your potential client one-to-one. Messenger users will see your ad in the Home tab of their Messenger mobile app. And when the users click on your ad they will be immediately redirected to your preferred destination: your landing page, website, or a Messenger conversation. However, you need to remember that there can be mixed reactions to such ads. While some may see a great opportunity to target new audiences and better promote business, some people may find these ads unpleasant. So people might need some time to get used to such ads in their Messenger app.

3. Provide speedy customer support and receive feedback 

An amazing thing that Facebook Messenger app offers is an opportunity to quickly get feedback, have quick customer support to make sure their experience is best possible. This will help you to improve customer experience and get valuable insights about what you need to improve in your products or website directly from customers. Moreover, your customer can receive almost instant customer support and solve their issues much faster. To handle the customer support businesses can use chatbots that can make communicating and engaging with clients more effective.

However, you need to remember that to get more feedback and make your customers take feedback surveys, you need to make sure the surveys are as short as possible, easy to complete, and give you the information that is important for your business.

4. Help your followers find the most relevant content

You can use Facebook to help your followers see your content and find what they are looking for. And many companies are already doing this, for example, Whole Foods Market, TechCrunch, Food Network, etc. All these companies have Messengers chatbots that help their followers find articles they are interested in reading. This is an amazing opportunity to deliver personalized content to your target audience. To make your Facebook chatbots effective and not too salesy you need to treat your chatbot like content marketing. You should not use chatbots only for sales, as it will not work as you would expect. But what can work is using personalized content to send users to your website.

Also, you need to remember that if you are using Facebook Messenger to get traffic to your website, your website should be mobile-responsive. And make sure you make browsing menus as easy to access as possible, so your new viewers will not have problems to find the content they are interested in.

When you create a chatbot that helps your followers find the content they need, it can be a bit harder than it seems. But when you make it work, it will become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. There are many tools, resources that will help you to make a good chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

5. Easier Way to Survey Your Customers and constantly improve 

Many pieces of research show that consumers would rather chat in real-time with businesses than talk on the phone or via email. So businesses can use this as a great follow-up tool. This will not only help to engage with new audiences but also stay in touch with people who have already tried your products. You can make the surveys personalized and extremely valuable information that will help you to not only improve your services but also make sure your clients have the best experience and their needs fulfilled. You can also use Facebook Ads to drive people to communicate via Messenger. Another good advice for businesses is to make sure that your Facebook page looks attractive to future customers.

Facebook Messenger ads are also great to re-engage potential customers, for example, those, who have visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. You can use click-to-Messenger ads that offer customers to ask any questions they have regarding your products. Marketers say that social media customer service is the new marketing and we can not disagree with that. People prefer to contact brands through messaging, but not other channels. Messaging clients can give businesses many useful insights about their products very quickly, which is the biggest advantage of using Facebook Messenger.

6. Facebook Messenger is easy to use in marketing

As mentioned before there are many great tools available online to help you to achieve the best results using Facebook Messenger. These are different chatbots, ads, etc. The only thing you need to remember is your strategy and what you want to achieve by using this type of marketing. Having clear goals will help you to determine what options will work for your audience and whether you can integrate Facebook Messenger into your already existing marketing strategy.

If you haven’t decided yet whether you need to add Facebook Messenger to your campaigns or not, you can check out our blog post about mobile marketing trends, which might be also very helpful.

Some businesses underestimate the power and influence of social media on their success, but it is good to know that there are many amazing tools, such as Facebook Messenger that if used correctly, can bring unbelievable results and conversions. You just need to try and see what works best for your audience.

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