LinkedIn has gained much more importance as a social networking platform for companies and enterprises. Everyone, from your prospects to potential employees are on LinkedIn. As a result, reputation management has become an important component of many companies’ LinkedIn marketing strategies.

What are the benefits of building your online reputation and brand on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become one of the most significant professional networks to invest in, according to Hootsuite. Why? Every brand wants to be seen! Maintaining your online reputation and brand on LinkedIn may help you generate organic leads, enhance your professional reputation, and boost the reliability and trustworthiness of your brand.

Now that it’s time to level up your game on LinkedIn, here are 8 tips to grow your online reputation and brand on the platform:

Tip #1: Make sure your LinkedIn branding is consistent

You must ensure that your company’s branding is consistent across the platform in order to develop your online reputation on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular brand-building tool for many businesses and brands. This includes ensuring that your LinkedIn page’s branding matches that of your company’s website. To develop and maintain your business’s professional presence, be sure to add your logo, company description, and banner image. This is a critical LinkedIn marketing step in gaining new customers and maintaining existing ones.

Tip #2: Include rich-content attributes

What kind of content can entice your LinkedIn audience and help it grow? What do your followers want to know about you and your brand? These are important questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. With that in mind, including rich content elements into your LinkedIn marketing strategy is a terrific way to improve your online reputation.

For instance, Nestle maintains a solid online reputation and brand on LinkedIn. They are using rich media on a regular basis to communicate their brand’s narrative in an engaging and captivating way.

Nestle LinkedIn
Nestle LinkedIn

Businesses and brands may provide a “richer” and more dynamic user experience by using rich media. This refers to any content that differs from the standard static graphics and text.

Videos, for example, are a great example of rich media material to employ in your marketing initiatives. Videos may enhance engagement on your LinkedIn profile in the same way that they can promote interaction on your blog posts. Podcasts, e-books, whitepapers, and any other interactive information are examples of rich media content.

Tip #3: Take advantage of the existing content you already have

Be creative! If you don’t know what to post on your LinkedIn company profile to improve your online image, look at the problem through the prism of other social networks your company owns. Perform a content audit and repost good-performing content on LinkedIn! 

What was the most popular Facebook or Twitter post? Which of your tweets received the most retweets or replies? Using content from current content streams on LinkedIn may help you establish your brand and reach a whole new audience.

Tip #4: Participate in LinkedIn groups

It’s a two-way street when it comes to building your online reputation and brand on LinkedIn. You must not only keep your company page up to date and packed with relevant content, but you must also ensure that it is constantly relevant. It’s also crucial to participate in the LinkedIn community. This might aid in the development of a stronger bond between your brand and your target audience.

LinkedIn group
LinkedIn group


Tip #5: Focus on your target audience for higher lead generation

Are you reaching the people you want to reach? Your target audience is crucial for generating leads on LinkedIn and increasing brand recognition. Lead generation can be improved by better-defined audiences. To better define your audience, conduct research and identify the essential characteristics of your consumers or clients.

Consider who is most likely to utilize your company’s products or services, or who you would recommend to others who might be interested in buying or utilizing your services. You may look at your LinkedIn statistics to determine who is responding to your postings, or you can conduct market research to locate specific leads.

Let the content make your target audience want to read it!

Sharing relevant, engaging content with your audience will not only attract their attention but will also help Google index your content. The use of relevant keywords in your content marketing can help you enhance your search engine rankings and boost your company’s reputation. Topics should be tailored to the demographics, interests, and purchase decisions of your target audience. For the best results, consult an SEO expert for assistance with relevant keywords.

Tip #6: Make use of images

A good image will capture the attention of the reader more effectively than any prominent words. The more familiar and impactful your picture is to your target audience, the more likely you are to capture their attention, engage them, and start a conversation.

According to LinkedIn stats, images generate six times the amount of interaction as plain text!

When it comes to using images in your content, keep the following in mind:

  • Use only high-resolution, high-quality images; avoid images that are unprofessional, inappropriate, or objectionable.
  • For branded visuals that are specific to your company, consult a graphic designer or marketing team.
  • Use graphic design software like Canva or Photoshop to create your designs.
  • Keep your desktop image to 1200 × 1200 px and your mobile image to 1200 x 628 px.
  • Keep your image size around 1200 x 627 px if you’re sharing a link.

Tip #7: Use LinkedIn’s Native Video

LinkedIn Native allows users to upload videos to the platform directly. The length of a video might range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Creating and publishing a video, as well as photographs, increases the chances of attracting the audience’s attention and engaging with your content. Videos will rise to the top of viewers’ feeds according to LinkedIn’s algorithm, highlighting your company, goods, or service offerings and assisting you in growing your brand. When using video options, include three lines of text (or more) to the video to boost the likelihood of attracting people and increasing dwell time on your post.

Tip #8: Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Thought leadership is critical for positioning your business and establishing your industry reputation. It also helps you reach your target audience by increasing your visibility. To become a thought leader, you must build relationships and provide value to those relationships. Here’s how to implement it in your LinkedIn marketing strategy to find your voice and make an impact in your field:

Reach out to people who have visited your profile

Look at the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section to see whether the person is someone you or your company could be interested in, or a potential client or customer. Send them a tailored connection request to get in touch with them. If your company receives a lot of profile views or participation on a daily basis, hiring a social media manager to assist you with this duty may be beneficial.

Use LinkedIn as a follow-up procedure

As you would with an email follow-up, follow up on your communications and lead prospects on Linkedin. Following up with your contacts demonstrates that you believe in your brand, product, or service and that you can provide them with value.

View the profiles of others to increase your page visits

People are more inclined to view your profile if they realize you have been viewing theirs. This will improve the number of page visits from potential leads.

Introduce yourself

Make the first move and contact your connections to introduce yourself. Keep your headline, description, and job title current on your profile. You may also join groups to network with others in your field. Just be a trigger to make your LinkedIn marketing strategy work!

In conclusion, push and stretch your boundaries as you become more active on the platform to come up with fresh and unique LinkedIn marketing strategies to help your company’s online reputation and brand flourish.

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