5 Actionable SEO tips for the best exposure of your website in search

Thousands of websites are being created every day. To get more exposure for your website you need to follow some guidelines, which will help you to achieve better results. SEO is one of those tools that will boost your website visibility.

Is your website struggling with ranking high on Google? Here are 5 effective SEO tips, which will help to boost your website visibility in search.

1. Remember to Do Keyword Research 

Any successful SEO strategy starts with keyword research. What is your website about? What kind of words and phrases are associated with the topic you talk about on your website? These are the keywords and phrases, which will help users find your website based on their interests and needs. However, you need to remember that boosting your search engine ranking is not only about getting more traffic on your website. It is more important to get the right visitors, which are interested in the topic or industry you’re working in.

The most effective way to get relevant visitors to your website is to create a certain plan for your SEO strategy, which is based on relevant keywords. Keyword research helps you to find out what people are searching for and if your website meets their search needs.

To help you with the SEO keywords list, you should always ask yourself: “Are these keywords helpful for users to find my website and what they are looking for? Will these keywords target the audience I want to attract?” If all answers are yes, then you know you are on the right path. There are many free tools available online for better keyword research and planning.


2. Distribute Your Keyword Usage 

So when we finally found the right keywords for our website, the question arises: ”Where to use these keywords?” The correct usage of keywords in your content is key to ranking high in search. If you put too many keywords, the search engine will notice that and will not allow your website to be on the first pages in search. The correct distribution of the keywords throughout your blog posts will help to improve your website visibility. Don’t forget to add keywords to headlines, subheadlines, URLs, and meta descriptions. And remember to avoid stuffing them. The purpose of keywords is to label the content, so the right audience can reach it, but when you add too many keywords it will not work.


3. Test and Measure Effectiveness with SEO Tools

You can use various SEO tools, which show exactly how your website ranks in search of your desired keyword. The analysis is a great way to improve the efficiency of your website and see if SEO works. Tracking your progress will help you to better understand what works best for your website and your audience. Here are some of the SEO tools available:

  • Yoast Plugin
  • Google Search Console
  • Keyword Tool

There are more tools available to check your SEO and content, so you can easily find them online.


4. Image Optimization Matters! 

Search engines don’t see images, but they read the alt text. That’s why it is very important to optimize your images and add alt text to get a higher ranking in search. Alt text helps search engines better understand the meaning of the image. It is also twice better if you can use your keywords or keyword phrases to describe the images you use for your blog and website. Not many people know that Google Image Search has an incredible ability to generate a lot of traffic to your website if you optimize your images correctly.

Moreover, images help visitors to quickly get more information about your products and services. If the blog post has an image, it is more likely to get more clicks. You can also add keywords with the name of a particular area because Google gives results based on the location too. In another blog post, we talk more about Google ranking based on location, so you can find more useful information there.


5. Make sure your website’s structure is clear, intuitive and relevant 

The way your website is organized and its navigation are crucial for SEO and especially new visitors that come to your website. Your website needs to be structured well, as search engines go through a link structure and index the pages. If the website is not structured well, all pages and subpages will be hard to find and not indexed because of that.

Intuitive navigation helps your new visitors, as it will navigate them to the right information they were looking for as quickly as possible. If they don’t find what they’re looking for fast enough they will just leave your page, which is not what we want. There is a ‘three clicks’ rule that says that any information on a website should be reachable for a user within no more than three clicks. So you should keep this ‘three clicks’ rule in mind when planning your website.

Don’t forget that your website is extremely important for your business’s success. With a website, you can reach a wider audience and people from all over the world can see the work or services that you offer. That’s why you need to make sure you do your best to make your website represent your business in the correct light. With these actionable SEO tips, you will not only get more visitors to your website, but you will get the right visitors, which will be interested in your products and willing to buy them.


Also, you can check out our SEO checklist, which will help you to better analyze the effectiveness of your SEO. And remember that SEO takes a lot of time and work, but you should go for it, as it will make your website more visible to your future clients!

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