5 Things to improve in your email marketing during the crisis


Are you looking for effective email marketing tips to improve the conversions during the crisis? Due to these unprecedented times that we have to deal with, we are now experiencing an increased amount of emails, which definitely influences the conversions and effectiveness of the emails. Moreover, this rapid increase in email volume caused changes in email filtering, because now email servers and anti-spam providers try to process all incoming emails. This is also a huge reason why we see the decline in open rates, a rapid increase in unsubscribe rates and spam complaints. So, here you will find 5 tips that will definitely help you in delivering successful email campaigns during the crisis.

1. Sort your email subscribers and make sure your email list is clean

In order to make your campaign more effective, you need to make sure your email list is free of unknown users, bots, inactive emails, etc as it influences your reputation, delivery and conversion rates. Consider adding a verification solution. By doing this. You will have more active subscribers and your email marketing campaign will result in more conversions.

2. Update all your templates and automated emails

Reviewing your email content and templates is very important, as it helps to keep the information relevant and valuable to your subscribers. Also, check your standard information in your emails, such as administrative footer where there is unsubscribe link, address, customer service hours, locations and other information. Also, if you send emails with updates, make sure you include information about how your business was affected by the crisis, what has changed, or any additional information that happened due to the current conditions.


3. Consistency is key to a successful email marketing campaign

Due to many changes that are happening due to COVID-19’s impact and sending only one email a month will not help you to bring conversions to your website. You need to make sure you plan your campaigns and send valuable emails consistently. But remember, you need to send emails that have valuable information to your customers because if not, then your emails will be going to spam and people will start unsubscribing and this is not what we want right now. So keep your emails consistent, don’t lose connection with your subscribers, keep them updated about your business and this will result in amazing engagement, more conversions, and growth of campaign effectiveness.

4. Create personalized sign-up forms

Studies show that 80% of the visitors are more likely to shop on the personalized websites. There are two most popular ways to personalize your website: dynamic content in forms and segmented opt-in offers by the type of visitor (first-timer, exiting visitor, etc.). This will definitely help you to keep the visitor more on your website and build more trust among your customers.

5. Make sure each email is valuable for your subscribers

During these unprecedented times, you need to make your emails as valuable as possible, because this shapes your audience’s impression of your brand. Your email should be concise and full of helpful information your subscribers are looking for. Make sure you present your brand in a positive and unique way. To achieve the best results you need to keep your email concise, empathetic, and informative. Also, check if a certain email is really necessary for your subscribers and if your content is relevant to your situation.

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The crisis leads us to think that email marketing is not effective anymore, but these assumptions are completely wrong. Right now, people are looking for information and brands they can trust, which opens a great opportunity for email marketing to develop that trust among future clients. Emails help you stay in touch with your subscribers, who appreciate your valuable and relevant information.

Don’t be afraid of trying out different data-backed tactics for your emails, such as: including emojis, buttons instead of links, using subscriber’s names, etc. This will help you to see what works best for your audience. It is a great time to make your email marketing the best possible to fulfill your customer’s needs and improve your conversions.

Also, remember that your subscribers’ inboxes are overwhelmed with all types of emails right now. Make sure your email stands out: it is personal, very informative, easy to read, and concise. Your effort will definitely be rewarded with increased conversions and with these 5 tips will increase brand loyalty and establish a trust for your business.


About the author:

Tali is a results-driven digital marketer with a track record of growing her clients’ businesses and driving revenue. Her 15 years of varied and in-depth experience has helped to make her an industry leader. And in a rapidly evolving field, she’s been able to stay several steps ahead of the mainstream trends, a significant advantage that pays huge dividends for the small–to–medium size businesses that she serves.

As the business owner at WSI Digital Path, Vaughan, she takes great pride in delivering powerful but cost-effective solutions for her clients.