Identifying the milestones in your SEO strategy requires a complete audit of your website content, and an evaluation of your current level of effectiveness. The purpose of content marketing is to create a bridge between your target audience and your brand using the information that you provide on your website. This is impossible if your website isn’t showing up in the search results. Your SEO program must include clearly defined goals that you can monitor and measure.

With the new changes to the SEO algorithm in August 2018, Google placed even greater emphasis on improving the quality content. Optimizing written content has become about more than keywords and carefully cultivated headers. As technology has improved, so has the need for a more organic approach to SEO.

Design a Strategy According to Your Goals

Revamping your SEO strategy starts with the identification of your problem areas. Finding out what you’re lacking can help you to make sure that your changes will fulfill all your goals and improve the performance of your digital content. Asking the right questions is the first step in finding the right solutions:

  • Do you need to increase traffic, engagement, or reduce your bounce rate?
  • How can you actively appeal to your target audience?
  • Is your content providing a solution for related and searchable terms?
  • Are you associated with backlinks that could increase the right kind of traffic to your site?
  • Exactly what is the purpose of your website overall?

Answering the above questions in detail can give you a window into the areas that you should be focusing on and provide you with a basis for your SEO strategy.

Implementing an SEO Program

Increasing traffic can be as simple as adding a blog or series of articles that convey an ongoing dialogue with the readers. Or, choosing new advertising tactics to draw more local visitors to a brick and mortar storefront. Building a brand may require guest blogs or the partnership of your website with a complementary organization. All of these are goals that can determine how you proceed with your SEO makeover.

Once you have decided on a plan of attack, it’s time to create an actionable SEO program. This will involve a series of steps that improve, measure, and adjust your content accordingly. Optimizing any type of content is an evolution of results. There is no exact science for ranking number one in the Google search algorithm, but it’s possible to gradually improve your standing with consistent, strategic efforts.

SEO strategy is a fluid plan that requires frequent updates and a measure of short and long-term success. Utilize your analytical tools and regularly add valuable content that gives visitors something new to digest and apply every time they click on your page. Repeat traffic can translate into repeat sales when you build that type of quality relationship.

If staying on top of changing SEO trends is taking away from your real passion, the professionals at WSI Digital Path can help.  Contact us today for more information on how we can aid you in making your SEO program more effective. We can work together to refine your SEO strategy and content marketing goals.